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To find a Russian girl in Moscow, Where is find a Russian girl?

There are a lot of men of Europe do not want to build relationships with local girls as the feminism is thriving and girls lose their femininity. That is why Russia is the ideal place for exploring the search of the bride or mistress. Because we all know, that Russian girls are the most beautiful and kind.

The Agency Dating in Moscow and Russia

But how independent man from Europe and the USA or another country to find a girlfriend in Russia. Independently, it is very difficult because you will have to learn Russian language. On English, on French, on Italian a few says in Russia. The solution to this question is our Agency Dating. From 2012 we have been dating foreigners with Russian girls. It must be different formats of relationship. As just a girl with whom you have a relationship maybe even with the prospect of family as only lovers. Maybe you will come to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg and to meet with girl, and can be, the girl will come to you or she will move forever.

The search procedure

Describe more in detail. Assume you want to find a girlfriend in Moscow or in Russia. You need send to us inquiry on e-mail address zakaz@hr-soblazn.ru. In this inquiry specify, what format of relations of interest to you, how do you see their development and introduce yourself. We will examine your request and during one day we can offer to you several candidates. We will prepare an indicative work plan. After this we must discuss it. If necessary, our manager is able to travel to your country for discussion order. You may come to Moscow or you may experience some difficulties. For example, Russian girl may want to move to France, but she does not know French, you will need to write on learning. Each case is individual. We need to discuss and find solutions.


We know that the dating is a high – risk and we ready to provide any warranty. In particular, we do not charge you money to buy tickets or hotel booking. We simple get to you passport information of Russian girl for buying tickets and you doing it yourself or of the transaction takes place after you tell that you want to continue the relationship with a particular girl. Naturally, the girl must also confirm and to understand what you should meet 2-3 times, in order to understand what you are comfortable with this.

What are girls in our Agency?

We work with girls over the age of 20 and under 30 years. The look is different but always attractive. Almost all girls have a high education or another are study in University. 90 % of the girls live in Moscow, another live in Saint-Petersburg.

The price of the service

The price for our service is 4000 euro (taxes included). Additionally pay flights girls, hotel and another incidentals as the supper in the restaurant, surprises and another.

How to make a request or an order?

Send a request in free form to e-mail address zakaz@hr-soblazn.ru. It is desirable to specify what kind of girl you need, what kind of relationship you want to consider and tell about yourself. Will be good if you leave you phone number.


Фото наших девушек

Вы можете посмотреть несколько анкет наших девушек бесплатно перед заказом услуг.

Не стесняйтесь спрашивать, если хотите что-то особенное. У нас найдется решение для всех.

Если вы за границей, обращайтесь. У нас есть много девушек, желающих уехать из России.

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